Light Pole Foundation Anchors

Our light pole foundation anchors are a quick and reliable foundation method for at grade and above grade applications to support street, site and parking light poles. The light pole support anchor systems are installed with hydraulic rotary equipment that turn the foundation in to the ground with the assistance of a helix shaped plate that acts as a screw for ease of installation to them.


• Economic 

• Quick Installation 

• No Spoils Created 

• All Weather Installation 

• No Vibration Installation 

• Permanent or Temporary Applications 

• No Concrete Cure Time 

• Environmentally Friendly 

• Immediate Loading Capabilities 



• Street Lighting

• Parking Lot Lighting

• Decorative Light Poles

• Highway Signage

• Monopoles

• Foundation Support



Square and Round Shaft Helical Anchors

Helical anchors are used for new construction and to support existing structures. They are designed for applications in expansive soils, high water tables, fill areas, and other areas where unstable soils require a deep foundation. In compression they are used as footers and in tension they may be used to support retaining or foundation walls. Helical piers are round or square, tubular or bar steel shafts with round helix plates welded to them.


· Shaft Size: 2 7/8" Tubular-0.203"wall

                     2 7/8" Tubular-0.262"wall

                     3 1/2" Tubular-0.300"wall

                     4 1/2" Tubular-0.337"wall

                     1 1/2" Square Bar

                     1 3/4" Square Bar

                     2 1/4" Square Bar

· Helix Blade: 8", 10", 12" and 14" in diameter with 3/8", 1/2" thickness.

· Length: 3ft, 5ft, 7ft, 10ft and other lengths according to customers' demand. 

· Finish: Plain, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Painted are available on your request.



· A time-proven, versatile, and technically sound system.

· Lower cost and faster installation than other methods

· Installs quickly with small or handheld equipment.

· Can be installed in limited-access areas or tight access.

· Site cleanliness and minimize damage to landscape.

· Soil load bearing capacity is tested during installation.

· Helical anchors available with single, double and triple helix blades.

Screw Earth Anchors

Supplying a wide array of Screw Earth Anchors to support your vineyard and orchard structures whether it be for stony ground or dirt. Our Screw earth anchors are made of high quality steel with a center or offset eye and helix plate. 

• Material: High quality steel

• Surface treatment: Hot-Dip Galvanized/Powder coated/Painted

• Environment Friendly: Yes

• Usage: Support the vineyard and orchard structures


15" x 1/2" rod, 3" helix 

30" x 1/2" rod, 4" helix 

30" x 5/8" rod, 4" helix 

40" x 5/8" rod, 6" helix 

36" x 3/4" rod, 6" helix

48" x 3/4" rod, 6" helix

Other sizes are available according to customers' demand